Principal's Message

Dear Students!

An educational institution is the core asset of any nation. It is the place where the makers of the society are made. Churning out graduates in hordes is never the intent. Creation of visionary citizens with the will to be the force that can change the world for better is what we aspire for.

At Islamiah Women's Arts and Science College, we wish to create educated individuals capable of thinking, and not merely generating rationalizing intellectuals, because progress unchecked by ethics would be a tragedy in making. The world in its race for progress needs to carry with it the torch of kindness and mercy.

The college aims to give the best of education to the women of the region and hopes to, in turn, build a community of progressive, intellectual women capable of becoming a strong moral exemplar of womanhood. The curriculum and the various co-curricular and extra-curricular programs and activities are all directed towards the academic, social and psychological growth of the students.

In a world of excessive cyberdependency and digital addiction, I urge you to connect to your roots, environment and people and make meaningful contribution to not only the academic but the human capital that is indicative of the collective skills, knowledge, health, and capabilities of the nation.

I wish all our students success in the journey they have embarked upon. Embrace the best of knowledge, and let your actions be of those who do good and eschew evil.


Dr. M. Renu, M.B.A., (FIN.), M.B.A., (HRM), M.Com, M.Phil, PGDCA, SET, Ph.D.


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