Name of the Examination Register No. Month & Year of Passing Class Marks Grade Maximum Marks
B.A./B.Sc./B.Com., Language taken under Foundation Course
(a) Core Course (Main)
(b) Allied
(c) Application - Oriented

  I declare that my admission is at my own risk and is provisional and is subject to the approval of the Thiruvalluvar University. If for any reason, my admission is not approved I shall not hold the College responsible for it. I also declare that the particulars given above are correct and I shall continue the course for the full two academic years, if selected. In the event of my leaving College after admission any time before completing the course,fees for the rest of the course will be paid by me as per rules in force to get back my certificates.

  I agree to the nomination of the Office - bearers of the College Union and the Secretaries of the Subject Associations by the Principal. I hereby promise that I will not demand or ask for the election of the Office - bearers of my immediately the College Union and the Secretaries or the Subject Associations and I will not join any agitation for the same. T.C may immediately be given to me if i misbehave or contravene any of the rules of the College/Hostel.